The Bryce Patented Telescopic Mast Unique to the Bryce Suma

Slimline, lightweight, fully automatic - FOR MAXIMUM OUTPUT AND LONG LIFE

This unique low maintenance, super efficient twin pulley system design is totally exclusive to Bryce.

Without doubt this is the simplest and most efficient telescopic mast in existence.

Hammer can travel full length of mast at all times.

  • Fully Automatic - no other manual or mechanical means are required to alter the length of the hammer stroke.
  • Mast Lubrication System (patent applied for)
  • Mast Beam. Specially rolled for torsional strength and unique to Bryce
  • New Hitting Height. 3.6m - 3.8m (depending on model) is now available - closed height remains the same.

No other Telescopic Mast on the market combines all these features - you won't find anything better