Including the Bryce Adapt-a-cap

Patent applied for No. 0810842.5

One Cap Fits All

With this unique system, you only need one main post cap for both round and square posts. The Adapt-a-cap is attached to the main post cap by two pins for either the manual or hydraulic post twister.

This unique system features an adaptor plate which quickly bolts on to the main post cap for use when driving square posts. Simply unbolt this adaptor along with the ram as a single unit and you're then left with the main post cap for use with all large round posts as normal. When putting in any square posts this hydraulic feature takes yet more physical effort out of the job


  • HSE Friendly
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Quickly and easily attached
  • No added expense of a second post cap to use manual or hydraulic post twisters
  • Impact force is straight down the centre line of the hammer
  • Main post cap can be used in the usual manner for all types of posts


  • Round handicaps are available