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Best in the world

“The Bryce post drivers are the best in the World – these machines are really perfect. Next week we start 70km of post and rail and we need the best machines.” - HEIKO NEIRE, OWNER OF 4 DIFFERENT BRYCE MACHINES

Chuffed to death with it

“I have to say I am chuffed to death with it and find it streets ahead of anything else I have looked at or used.” - ROB STEVENSON

We wouldn’t settle for anything less.


It’s a real winner.


I wouldn’t buy any other post driver.


World class

“The new Magnum is truly a World Class piece of kit – the best has got better. This thing is in a league of its own and the job has not been invented that this machine is not the master of”. - ANDREW HAWES, OWNER OF A 3RD BRYCE SUMA

I was staggered

“I was staggered – I knew it would be good but not this good, in fact we were speechless when we found out how this machine performed”. - HUGH DENNIS, BOUGHT A FOREST SUPREME PLUS A MAGNUM AT THE SAME TIME.

Absolutely fantastic

“We went through tarmac, hardcore and concrete – absolutely fantastic”. - BEN WILSON, LECTURER AT KIRKLEY HALL AGRICTULTURAL COLLEGE

There was one common factor – Bryce Post Drivers

“I looked at the Companies with outstanding reputations, those who worked in extreme conditions and those who left an excellent job behind them. There was one common factor – Bryce Post Drivers.” - RAB ROBERTSON, OWNER OF 2 BRYCE SUMAS.

I have been more than satisfied with it.


It’s a beautiful machine – these machines are the best


It’s a super outfit.


Absolutely brilliant and easy to use.



It’s absolutely wonderful, just the business

“Jock, I’m so impressed I had to phone you. I was working in ground like concrete driving 9” x 8” posts with no points and the new Profi drove them plum and in line in no time at all. It’s absolutely wonderful, just the business, I am so pleased with it, it’s unbelievable. It is a simply cracking machine, the Rock Spike system is superb and you can’t fault the Quadshift either.” - DAVE ROGERS, FENCING CONTRACTOR

It’s simply faultless

“I already own a Bryce Suma and looked at other post drivers including a machine that appeared similar however your new Profi Supreme was the one to go for because of it’s many outstanding features. It’s simply faultless and your Rock Spike system, well, you could talk about it all night. I am so proud of the machine I drove 17 miles just to show it to some friends. Thank you again Jock for everything, you are a pleasure to deal with and a man of honour.” - RAB MCCLUNG, FENCING CONTRACTOR

Absolutely brilliant

“Absolutely brilliant, wouldn’t consider anything else and from now on all machines ordered will have your cleverly thought out Rock Spike system.” - PAUL GILLIES, FENCING CONTRACTOR

Faultless service

“Over the years your service and backup has been faultless and you are a man of your word. I will be buying another Suma from you shortly.” - HENRY PEDDLER, FENCING CONTRACTOR

Invaluable, unbelievable

“The Bryce Fencemaster is invaluable, unbelievable in terms of speed, ease of use and it is so user friendly. On my own I can put in 100 x 6’ x 3-4” round stakes in half an hour in good ground conditions. The new Profi Supreme with Rock Spike system is ingenius, works perfectly and I wouldn’t entertain anything else. It is easy to see it has been developed by a man that knows what is required.” - GARTH BRADBURY, FENCING CONTRACTOR

Spot on, top dog by a long way, brilliant all rounder

“Spot on, absolutely brilliant and a totally different machine altogether. The Rock Spike system is spot on too and couldn’t be better and the addition of Quadshift for tighter corners is great for the more awkward posts, and has certainly made your machine into a brilliant all rounder. I put the new Profi Supreme into a head to head with the latest machines on the market and it knocked them for six. It was far superior to all the rest and was the top dog by a long way.” - SEAN HARPER, FENCING CONTRACTOR

It’s amazing

“I bought one of your machines and would just like to say it’s amazing! I’m so impressed that if I did not already own one, I would go out and buy one. Many thanks for making my life easier and my fencing better.” - WILL GUNN

Bryce Suma has transformed our whole business

“The Bryce Suma has transformed our whole business. It is absolutely tremendous and I can’t praise it enough.” - BEN BEGBIE

Well built, expertly designed and far outclasses any Post Drivers we have used

"With the purchase of 2 Sumas last year, we were able to erect 120,000 metres of temporary stock fence. The Suma is well built, expertly designed and far outclasses any Post Drivers we have used. - DENIS REID REID PIPELINES NOW HAVE 8 MACHINES

I’m never stuck

Neil Tate has a 75hp John Deere 2650. “There is hardly any fence line that I can’t get to with this outfit. I work all over the Cheviot Hills and I’m never stuck and reverse up if I have to. I always keep the skids near the ground on steep country.” - NEIL TATE

The Daddy of them all

"I've used all the others but this is the Daddy of them all" - DAVID JONES

No problem

“We can average 170-180 5’6” x 3-4” stakes per hour no problem.” - JOHN VICARY


"The machine always attracts a lot of attention wherever we go. Just last week we had about 10 builders and 5 land drainage guys watching us knock in a 7” x 7” x 8ft gate post with flat ends and hanging the gate in 15 minutes with ease and they were gob-smacked.” - CHARLIE HUBBARD

Thousands of metres of fence

"Built thousands of metres of fence including the Jetty in Loch Earn. Don't know what to do with all the spare time I have now - wife and kids happier that I get home at 5pm these days. - STRAUN

The ultimate post driver

"I've been fencing in the Highlands for many years using what I thought was good machinery until I found the Bryce Suma Prof. There is absolutely no doubt that this is the ultimate post driver for the hard rugged terrain of the Scottish Highlands." - GORDON KENNEDY

Simply Outstanding

"We've had all other makes demonstrated. With the Bryce Suma we've now done miles of fencing with the machine and it is simply outstanding. Controls, everything, is absolutely as it should be. We were driving in 9ft by 12inch top posts for 15ft gates and it fired them in like tent pegs." - PETER GASCOIGNE

Master of severe ground conditions

"Just a quick word to say thank you for sorting out the new Magnum Post Driver, down here in the Chilterns its been a really tough year fencing due to the dry ground and the droughts and we desperately needed a post driver that would master these severe ground conditions.